What our teachers are saying about MTAC!

“MTAC is an outstanding organization which helps to connect students and families with highly
qualified music instructors and excellent programs.”

“The Certificate of Merit Program challenges students to learn and to apply critical music
concepts that they may use throughout their lifetime.”

“The Certificate of Merit program is a wonderful way to motivate students as it provides a
measurable way to see their progress!”

“Certificate of Merit provides a professional setting for our students — students must perfect
their music.”

“Certificate of Merit allows students to obtain tangible benchmarks.”

“My students love Certificate of Merit because it gives them a clear pathway towards excellence
thru a tiered program of music education.”

“I feel like Certificate of Merit guides students and teachers through a well-rounded approach to
learning an instrument.”

“ I like the progressive curriculum… it motivates all levels to excel, from a first year student to a
pre-college music major.”

“ I love MTAC because of all of the great programs for our students.”

“ I appreciate all of the performance opportunities MTAC provides for students.”
“The MTAC helps teachers encourage each other.”

“MTAC is wonderful for teachers. It offers a great resource for teacher to share stories, talk
shop and to feel inspired, not to mention that the programs are also great for the students.”

“The MTAC grants students numerous opportunities to perform. I like how it connects teachers
with each other.”

“Certificate of Merit is a well organized program which motivates both the teacher and the

“— Excellent curriculum, it helps my students to be well-rounded musicians.”

“I always love hearing the concerto competition every year at the State Convention.”

“C.M. is great as an education tool, it builds confidence in the students. They work
conscientiously toward their goals, it is a great motivator!”

“ I love the opportunity that C.M. provides to reward students who have well balanced music
training. The goals and rewards this program offer boost my students’ knowledge and

“ I like the MTAC Certificate of Merit program because it keeps me and my students on a
progressive track. It offers a total music education.”

About the curriculum… “It’s good to keep up the theory and sight-reading.”

“The CM program gives my students a goal to work towards during the year. They become
well-versed in playing multiple styles with authenticity. CM is a big confidence booster!”
“MTAC makes me a better teacher.”

“The MTAC provides great opportunities for our students to reach for high goals and to achieve

“MTAC gives teachers and students goals to reach. The teachers are well-educated with
excellent performance skills— THEY AIM HIGH.”