Contemporary Music/Pops Festival

DATE:  SATURDAY, November 2, 2019

Registration opens:   September 27          Registration closes:   October 17

Where: TBA

Fee: $30 per participant, plus PayPal fees. The teacher registers and pays online at

Chair: (for questions, email


    1. This festival is open to all instruments, including voice, and duets and ensembles.
    2. The festival is in recital format
    3. Students must dress in appropriate recital attire and stay for the entire recital in which they perform.
    4. There is no limit of students per teacher, but only 5 students per teacher may participate in a single recital (festival participants will be divided into multiple recitals to avoid overly-long programs).
    5. Each student or ensemble will perform one piece composed in the 20th or 21st century.
    6. Students may perform an arrangement of a piece, or the student’s original composition.
    7. Instructions for vocalists: If a student sings a song, the lyrics must be appropriate; no profanity or inappropriate lyrics will be allowed. Vocalists may bring an accompanist, use a CD, or bring their IPad with the accompaniment purchased through ITunes. There will be an adapter available to plug the IPad into a speaker. If using a karaoke version, please do not have any backup singers in the music. We want to hear the student’s voice only. Choose a karaoke version that has no backup singers.
    8. All music must be memorized.
    9. Please bring original music for the evaluator to view.  No photocopies from published music books are allowed.  If you buy your music from the Internet, you music provide proof of purchase in print and place your music with the proof of purchase together in a binder.
    10. In addition to written evaluation, each student will receive a Festival participation plaque and a sheet music solo piece.
    11. Teachers with students in the festival will be asked to help at the event.