Join Northern San Diego County Branch of MTAC

• Bachelor’s degree in music from an accredited college, university or conservatory (or the equivalent)
• Degrees obtained outside the U.S. require an equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree in music, documented with a Foreign Credential Evaluation Report (FCER). Applicants must apply with the “Foreign Diploma Active Membership Application”
• A degree emphasis or four years of individual study at a college level in the desired Primary Instrument or Subject
• Two years teaching experience in the Primary Instrument or Subject
• Compliance with MTAC Bylaws

Provisional: Provisional Membership is a four-year program for those who have not yet fulfilled all the requirements of Active Teacher Membership. Provisional Members enjoy most privileges of Active Membership, including participation in Certificate of Merit, and achieve Active Membership by earning points through documenting instruction and experience.

Cal Plan: Cal Plan Membership is a four-year independent study program for teachers without academic training who are pursuing Active Membership. Cal Plan Members enjoy most privileges of Active Membership, including eligibility for participation in Certificate of Merit. 

Student: Student Membership is for undergraduate students who are currently working on a bachelor’s degree in music. Student Membership is limited to four years. Active Membership is achieved upon completion and verification of a bachelor’s degree in music.

Associate: This is for businesses such as music stores, dealers, and piano tuners.

Contributory Member: MTAC members of the San Diego and Temecula Branch may become Contributory Members of our Branch. The forms are available from our Branch Membership Secretary.

Annual Membership Fees:

Active, Provisional and Associate: $170, CalPlan: $120
New Member: Add application fee of $35.00 for a total of $205
Student: $85
Contributory: $40

Important Dates: 

  • July 31
    – Membership dues must be sent to the State Office. Members must pay a reinstatement fee to restore their memberships if the dues are postmarked after this date.
    – To be eligible for Certificate of Merit participation, new membership applications and reinstatement requests must be accurately completed and submitted to the State Office, postmarked on or before this date.
  • September 1
    Contributory members must submit their application to our Branch Secretary.
  • October 15
    To be eligible for all other State Programs, new membership applications and reinstatement requests must be submitted to the State Office.
  • February 28
    New member dues postmarked on or before February 28 apply to the current fiscal year. Dues postmarked after that date cover the subsequent fiscal year and include membership for the remainder of the current fiscal year.
  • All Branch transfers must be requested between April 16 – July 31 only. To initiate your Branch transfer, no form is required. Email MTAC Member Services Associate,  Alicia Wilson  and provide your full name, current Branch, and Branch you wish to join. 

Membership applications are available from the State Office. Please see their website at Under the Membership category, you will be directed to the appropriate forms to download. The Northern San Diego County Branch accepts members who live within the boundaries of Northern San Diego County or have a majority of their students living in that area.

As a member of the Northern San Diego Branch, we have certain expectations and requirements of our members. You are asked to attend at least two meetings a year, and are encouraged to attend more. We also expect teachers who have students in Festivals and Certificate of Merit to work a specified number of hours at or prior to these events. We are proud of our organization and know that to maintain excellence, it is necessary for all members to contribute in any way they can.

For additional information regarding membership, please call our membership secretary
(see NSDMTAC Board)