Duet Festival

For 2017, the Duet Festival will be combined with another festival.  SEE POPULAR/CONTEMPORARY FESTIVAL FOR 2017 SCHEDULING & FEE DETAILS!


  1. The Duet Festival is open to all teachers and contributory members of the North San Diego MTAC branch.
  2. There is no limit of students per teacher, but only 5 teams per teacher may participate in a single recital (festival participants will be divided into multiple recitals to avoid overly-long programs).
  3. Students must dress in appropriate recital attire and stay for the entire recital in which they perform.
  4. A limit of 10 students (5 teams) per teacher may enter. If you wish to add more students, please contact the Co-Chairs within 2 days after the deadline to see if space is still available.
  5. Time limits are as follows and are determined by the level of the piece:
    Beginner, LPrep-3 – 4 minutes
    Intermediate, L4-7 – 6 minutes
    Advanced, L8-10 – 8 minutes
  6. Acceptable ensemble combinations:
    Piano duet – 4 hands, 1 piano
    Piano duet – 4 hands, 2 pianos
    Piano trio – 6 hands, 1 piano
    Piano quartet – 8 hands, 2 pianos
  7. A limit of one composition per team is allowed. One movement of a large work constitutes one composition.  Arrangements are acceptable.  Music must be published as a piano duet or piano quartet.  Concertos are not permitted.  Any genre is fine.
  8. Students should arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled performance time so that the check-in process is done properly.
  9. Each team must provide music for the adjudicator; no photocopies allowed.
  10. Students are permitted to perform with music, which must be the original score. Photocopied pages may be used to facilitate page turns. Students may perform from memory if they choose.
  11. Parents may play with their child, as long as the child is a student of an MTAC teacher.
  12. In addition to a written evaluation, each student will receive a Duet Festival participation medallion.
  13. Teachers who enter students in the festival will be asked to help at the event.