Sonata / Sonatina Festival

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the 2024 Sonata/Sonatina Festival. We appreciate all of the teachers who had their students participate. Thank you to RB Community Presbyterian Church for hosting us and for our judges Lee Galloway, Anne Prestridge, and Carol Seefeldt. Below are the award winners for each division.

Division I: 1st place – Ray Fu; 2nd place – Aden Jung, 3rd place – Asahi Yamazaki; Honorable Mentions – Melissa Weisickle, Mila Kikuchi, & Jasmine Bourdlaies 

Division II: 1st place – Bokyung Kwon; 2nd place – Celine Pham; 3rd place – Sophie Duan; Honorable Mentions – Siyul Park, Katerina Koslover, Sophia Jing, & Jordan Bourdlaies

Division III: 1st place – Jayson Bordges; 2nd place – Chloe Huang; 3rd place – Bardia S. Nejadriahi; Honorable Mentions – DeeAnn Chong, Junyoung Huh, Hannah Carrasco, and Jeffrey Ren

Division IV: 1st place – Claire Lim; 2nd place – Jasmine Ren; 3rd place – Joyce You

Division V: 1st place – Linda Yu; 2nd place – Abigail Leychkis; 3rd place – Rika Ogiwara; Honorable Mention – Kenzo Compilat

DATE: Saturday, May 18, 2024

Where: Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church, 17010 Pomerado Rd, San Diego, CA 92128

Fee:  $35  The teacher registers and pays online at

Registration opens: 4/15/24
Registration closes: 5/13/24

Chair:   Olivia Donald,

Festival Rules and Guidelines

  1. This competition is open to pianists of teachers and contributory members of NSDMTAC. All participants must have a signed copy of the NSDMTAC Consent/Release Form on file before the registration deadline.
  2. Student limit: 9 students per teacher.
  3. Students will compete in a recital format based upon their age as of May 18, 2024. Proof of age is required. The age divisions and time limits are as follows: 
    a. Division I (age 9 and under) – 3 minutes
    b. Division II (age 10-11) – 4 minutes
    c. Division III (age 12-13) – 5 minutes
    d. Division IV (age 14-15) – 6 minutes
    e. Division V (age 16-18) – 7 minutes
  4. Compositions must be in their original form. No transcriptions, key changes, or arrangements. No unpublished works. The original score is required to give to the judges. If the piece is a little longer than the time limit, the judges will stop the student when the time limit is up.
  5. Only one movement is to be played. Memorization is required. 
  6. A First, Second, and Third place and possibly Honorable Mentions will be awarded for each Division at the judges’ discretion and will be posted at the end of the day and on the website. Awards and judges’ comments given to the teachers at a later date.
  7. Judges’ decisions are final.
  8. We would love to have any teachers who have students participate volunteer for one recital.