Sonata / Sonatina Festival

Congratulations  to our 2020 Sonata Festival Winners!  We are proud of and inspired by you!

Division I
First Place – Anya Chandra (Teacher – Diana Yahya):

2nd: Alicia Jiang (Teacher Dana Burnett)
3rd: Kathy Xu (Teacher Berta Godkin)
Honorable Mention:
Kurtis Sun (Teacher – Magdolna Bornemisza)
Allen Zhu (Teacher Ling – Chi Yang)
Daniel Wang (Teacher – Magdolna Bornemisza)

Division II
First Place – Melinda Wang (Teacher Berta Godkin):

2nd: Dylan Zhang (Teacher – Seiran Sohn)
3rd: Ethan Zhou (Teacher – Magdolna Bornemisza)
Honorable Mention:
Dawn Kim (Teacher – Dr. Cho-Hyun Park)
Emma Rong (Teacher – Berta Godkin)

Division III
First Place – Kenzo Compilati (Teacher – Toshiko Barrett) :

2nd: Julianne Cheng (Teacher – Dana Burnett) & Leo Zhang (Teacher – Seiran Sohn)
3rd: Robin Moon (Teacher – Dr. Cho-Hyun Park) & Zachary Park (Teacher – Seiran Sohn)
Honorable Mention: Celine Lau (Teacher – Eunice Ahn)

Division IV
First Place – Celina Jiang (Teacher – Dana Burnett):

2nd: Renee Cai (Teacher – Berta Godkin)
3rd: Kianna Cheng (Teacher – Dana Burnett)
Honorable Mention:
SelenaXiang (Teacher – Magdolna Bornemisza)
Priscilla Lee (Teacher – Dr. Cho-Hyun Park)

Division V
First Place – Tiffany Way (Teacher – Magdolna Bornemisza):

2nd: None
3rd: Emily Shanmugam (Teacher – Holly Franz) & Aleetheia Sun (Teacher – Dana Burnett)
Honorable Mention:
Brooklyn Williamson (Teacher – Holley Williamson)



Registration opens: TBA  Registration closes: TBA

Where: TBD

Fee:  TBA: The teacher registers and pays online at

Co-Chairs:   Cho-Hyun Park (, 858-776-2800
Diana Yahya (, 760-208-9520

Festival Rules and Guidelines

  1. This competition is open to pianists of teachers and contributory members of NSDMTAC. All participants must have a signed copy of the NSDMTAC Parent Consent Form on file before the registration deadline.
  2. Student limit: 9 students per teacher.
  3. Students will compete based upon their age as of May 23, 2020. The age divisions as follows:
    • Division I (age 9 and under)
    • Division II (age 10-11)
    • Division III (age 12-13)
    • Division IV (age 14-15)
    • Division V (age 16-18)
  4. Compositions must be in their original form, No transcriptions, key changes, or arrangements. No unpublished works.
  5. A First, Second, and Third place and possibly Honorable Mention will be awarded for each Division at the judges’ discretion and will be announced through email.
  6. Judges’ decisions are final. 
  7. Submission Checklist:
    • A completed Application form online
    • Payment online
    • Email both chairs a signed copy of the NSDMTAC Consent/Release form
    • Email both chairs a copy of Age Proof Document (Passport, Birth Certificate, School ID with Birthdate)