Sonata / Sonatina Festival

DATE:  May 23, 2020

Registration opens: April 22  Registration closes: May 15

Where: TBA

Fee:  $37 per student (includes processing fees). The teacher registers and pays online at

Time:  Approximately 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., starting with Division I and ending with Division V. Actual starting times may vary based on the number of students in each division.  Teachers will be informed of competition times once registration is complete.  Time requests cannot be honored.

Co-Chairs:   Cho-Hyun Park (, 858-776-2800
Diana Yahya (, 760-208-9520


    1. This competition is open to pianists of teachers and contributory members of NSDMTAC.  All participants must have a signed copy of the NSDMTAC Consent/Release Form on file before the registration deadline.
    2. Students must dress in appropriate recital attire and stay for the entire recital in which they perform.
    3. Student limit: 9 students per teacher.
    4. All students will perform one movement from a Sonata or Sonatina from any time period and any difficulty. No repeats.
    5. The music must be memorized.
    6. Students will compete based upon their age as of May 25, 2019. The age divisions with time limits are as follows:

      Division I (age 9 and under): 3 minutes
      Division II (age 10-11): 4 minutes
      Division III (age 12-13): 5 minutes
      Division IV (age 14-15): 6 minutes
      Division V (age 16-18): 7 minutes

    7. If a Sonata is longer than the allotted time limit, the judges will stop the performance when the student reaches the time limit. This will in no way penalize the student.
    8. Compositions must be in their original form. No transcriptions, key changes, or arrangements.  No unpublished works.
    9. Students must bring the original music to the festival for the adjudicators to view. No photocopied music is allowed.
    10. A First, Second, and Third place and possibly Honorable Mentions will be awarded for each Division (at the judges discretion), and will be announced following each Division recital.
    11. Judges’ decisions are final. Any student, parent or teacher complaining about the judges’ decisions will not be allowed to participate in the future.
    12. Teachers registering students will be asked to help the day of the competition.