Sonata / Sonatina Festival

DATE:  May 27, 2021 – Video Submission Deadline

Registration opens: May 1, 2021  Registration closes: May 22, 2021

Where: Online Festival

Fee:  $35  The teacher registers and pays online at

Co-Chairs:   Cho-Hyun Park (, 858-776-2800
Diana Yahya (, 760-208-9520

Festival Rules and Guidelines

  1. This competition is open to pianists of teachers and contributory members of NSDMTAC. All participants must have a signed copy of the NSDMTAC Consent/Release Form on file before the registration deadline.
  2. Student limit: 9 students per teacher.
  3. Students will compete based upon their age as of May 29, 2021. The age divisions are as follows:  
    a. Division I (age 9 and under)
    b. Division II (age 10-11)
    c. Division III (age 12-13)
    d. Division IV (age 14-15)
    e. Division V (age 16-18)
  4. Compositions must be in their original form, No transcriptions, key changes, or arrangements. No unpublished works.
  5. A First, Second, and Third place and possibly Honorable Mentions will be awarded for each Division at the judges’ discretion and will be announced through email.
  6. Judges’ decisions are final.

Video and Music Submission Rules and Guidelines

1. Recording device doesn’t have to be professional equipment. You may use your cell phone, tablet, or camera, however, inadequate audio and video quality will be disqualified.
2. Students must dress in appropriate recital attire as if in front of an audience.
3. Students perform one movement from a Sonata or Sonatina from any time period and any difficulty. No repeats.
4. Recording must be genuinely performed by the student. The student’s head, arms, hands, and pedals must be visible on the video at all times during the performance.
5. Student’s performance must be memorized. (No music reading during the performance)
6. Recordings must be the student’s most recent performance, within 1 month of the May 27th video upload deadline.
7. Recordings must be completed in one full take. Editing/stopping the camera during recording and/or adding any effects such as “reverb” and background noise will not be accepted.
8. The recording video file must be uploaded to YouTube with an unlisted setting.
9. Clearly label the uploaded files with the student’s number (student’s order in the program), which will be given by Festival Chairs after registration is completed, and the name of the composer and work number and movement. (Format example: 23. Clementi Sonatina Op. 36, No. 1, 1st movement)
10. Scan and save the composition/piece that the student performed as a PDF file.
11. Email the YouTube URL and PDF file of the scanned piece to both chairs, and

Submission Checklist. (Everything needs to be sent online or email) 

Due by May 22nd

1. Completed Application form online
2. Payment online
3. A signed copy of the NSDMTAC Consent/Release Form
4. A copy of age proof document (examples: Passport, Birth Certificate, School ID with Birthdate)

Due by May 27th

1. YouTube video URL
2. PDF file of Music


Congratulations to our 2020 Sonata Festival Winners!  We are proud of and inspired by you! Below are the videos of the First Place Winners.

Division I
First Place – Anya Chandra (Teacher – Diana Yahya):

Division II
First Place – Melinda Wang (Teacher Berta Godkin):

Division III
First Place – Kenzo Compilati (Teacher – Toshiko Barrett) :

Division IV
First Place – Celina Jiang (Teacher – Dana Burnett):

Division V
First Place – Tiffany Way (Teacher – Magdolna Bornemisza):