Sonata / Sonatina Festival

Congratulations to our 2021 Sonata Festival Winners!  We are proud of and inspired by you! Below are the videos of all of the award recipients:

Division 1
1st Place: Alex Juliar (Anna Juliar)
2nd Place: Rebecca Chen (Magdolna Bornemisza)
3rd Place: Sophie Duan (Ling Chi Yang)
Honorable Mention: Blake Chuang (Mihoko Nemoto), Jonah Figueroa (Anna Juliar), Orion Shen (Magdolna Bornemisza)
Division 2
1st Place: Alicia Jiang (Dana Burnett)
2nd Place: Allen Zhu (Ling Chi Yang), Kathy Xu (Berta Godkin)
3rd Place: Hannah Li (Tatiana Djangirov)
Honorable Mention: Luna Zhao (Mihoko Nemoto)
Division 3
1st Place: Robin Moon (Cho-Hyun Park)
2nd Place: Dylan Zhang (Seiran Sohn)
3rd Place: Rika Ogiwara (Toshiko Barrett)
Honorable Mention: Seojin Lee (Eunice Ahn), Mika Bachand (Mihoko Nemoto) : Hinoka Nakamura (Mihoko Nemoto)
Division 4
1st Place: Julianne Cheng (Dana Burnett)
2nd Place: Kenzo Compilati (Toshiko Barrett)
3rd Place: Allen Hulbert (Mihoko Nemoto)
Honorable Mention: Claire Kang (Eunice Ahn) Eric Ryu (Cho-Hyun Park)
Division 5
1st Place: Sarah Wu (Berta Godkin)
2nd Place: Yeonwoo Chu (Cho-Hyun Park)
3rd Place: Andrew Hulbert (Mihoko Nemoto)
Honorable Mention: Renee Cai (Berta Godkin)


DATE:  Saturday, May 28, 2022

Registration opens: TBD  Registration closes: TBD

Where: Museum of Making Music, Carlsbad

Fee:  $35  The teacher registers and pays online at

Co-Chairs:   Olivia Donald and Ling-Chi Yang

Festival Rules and Guidelines

  1. This competition is open to pianists of teachers and contributory members of NSDMTAC. All participants must have a signed copy of the NSDMTAC Consent/Release Form on file before the registration deadline.
  2. Student limit: 9 students per teacher.
  3. Students will compete based upon their age as of May 28, 2022. The age divisions are as follows:  
    a. Division I (age 9 and under)
    b. Division II (age 10-11)
    c. Division III (age 12-13)
    d. Division IV (age 14-15)
    e. Division V (age 16-18)
  4. Compositions must be in their original form, No transcriptions, key changes, or arrangements. No unpublished works.
  5. A First, Second, and Third place and possibly Honorable Mentions will be awarded for each Division at the judges’ discretion and will be announced through email.
  6. Judges’ decisions are final.

Due – TBD

1. Completed Application form online
2. Payment online
3. A signed copy of the NSDMTAC Consent/Release Form
4. A copy of age proof document (examples: Passport, Birth Certificate, School ID with Birthdate)