VOCE Competition Festival


DATE: Deadline for uploading video to YouTube is January 23, 2021. Enrollment period is November 1 to December 1, 2020 on new.mtac.org

Where:  Online Competition through YouTube upload

VOCE fees: Due December 10, 2020 on new.mtac.org

Solo Application Fee 65.00
Solo Non-Competitive Application Fee 45.00
Ensemble Application Fee (per student) 50.00
Ensemble Non-Competitive Application Fee (per student) 30.00

Chair:   Pama Lynn Broeckel; Pamalynnb@gmail.com


  1. The VOCE Auditions are an MTAC State-sponsored event that is either competitive or noncompetitive.
  2. The competitive events are designed to qualify students to advance to the State Finals; the noncompetitive events are designed to encourage young or new students to VOCE.
  3. Written evaluations from judges are given to students for both the competitive and noncompetitive auditions.
  4. Categories include Solo Winds, Strings, and Voice and Chamber Ensembles. See the Guidelines at new.mtac.org for ages and literature requirements.
  5. Each group will be limited to 10 minutes to include set-up and tuning (doesn’t apply this year)
  6. Applications for entry and payment must be made online at new.mtac.org.
  7. For additional information about the VOCE program, you may email Pama Lynn Broeckel (see above) or Jane Masur, janemasur50@gmail.com.