Romantic Festival

DATE: No Romantic Festival for 2022


  1. All participants must have a signed copy of the NSDMTAC Consent/Release Form on file before the registration deadline.
  2. This Festival covers music from the Romantic, Late Romantic and Impressionist Periods.
  3. It is a semi-competitive event, with all levels and instruments welcome.
  4. Students must dress in appropriate recital attire and stay for the entire recital in which they perform.
  5. Student limit: 9 students per teacher.
  6. Times limits are as follows:
    Elementary: 3 minutes
    Intermediate: 5 minutes
    Advanced: 7 minute
  7. The music must be memorized.
  8. Evaluators must be provided with original copies of the music with the systems numbered. No photocopies are allowed.
  9. Students will receive a mark of Superior, Excellent or Good. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded.
  10. Teacher volunteers are important and appreciated. If you have students participating in the festival, please let the Chairs know that you can volunteer to help.